Our Mission

At The Digital Circuit, we believe there is strength in numbers.

We mean that in two ways; both in terms of the unbiased numerical scores we produce after thoroughly testing consumer electronics products, and the professional journalists and engineers involved in this project behind the scenes.

We are new. But we have ambitious goals.

We have dedicated drone pilots, each with years of field experience. They will put drones we’re testing through an identical series of challenges – what we call “The Circuit” – ranging from indoor hover time on full battery charge, to maximum speed as measured with a calibrated device. They will test gimbal responsiveness, maximum thrust, an app’s features, user experience – and more.  They will also evaluate and score a drone’s “intelligence,” measuring its ability to avoid obstacles, recognize and track objects, integrate with live social-media platforms, and, increasingly, how well it can “learn” to behave a certain way.

As The Digital Circuit expands into other segments of consumer electronics – 360 and VR gear are on our immediate agenda – we will remain true to the spirit of our mission: To neutrally carry out “The Circuit” of tests on every product in our hands. And, as we expand our range of reviews, we will find and consult new experts and assemble a neutral and repeatable testing protocol, executing product tests under identical conditions.

Our goal is to cut through the breathless marketing and hyperbolic messaging that often accompany new products to market (and frequently trickle down into subsequent coverage). For each product we test, we will offer consumers and the media a number, review and rating so reliable and trustworthy that they’ll need no other.  We’ll be 100% transparent about our methodology. We know it takes time to build trust and a reputation for impartiality, but it is our long-term goal to become the gold standard for consumer electronic product ratings.

We are aware, in this field, of the great potential that exists for manipulation and influencing consumer opinion and will take stringent steps to avoid it. The people who handle our advertising have zero input on our editorial side – and vice versa. We do not accept manufacturer-sponsored junkets. If we attend a launch, it’s because we’ve bought our own tickets and hotel rooms. It may mean we’re less profitable – but we strongly believe it means we’re more credible.

There’s a catch, of course – there always is. We want a few things from you.

Your loyalty, your trust and your faithful reading of our reviews and analysis, every day, at thedigitalcircuit.alignsoft.com.

At The Digital Circuit, we’re confident we’ll earn all of the above.