Disclosure Statement

The Digital Circuit is a small, independent operation.

At the moment we have a Managing Editor (who also reviews and writes), a Chief Technical Officer and two contributing reviewers who are subject matter experts when it comes to drones (and who also, thankfully, shoot great photos and video).

We earn revenue two ways: Though affiliate links (which give us a slight commission for sales linked via our site), and through sponsorship.

One of our initial sponsors was DJI – with whom we also have direct affiliate links. We consulted with DJI engineers to help determine our “Digital Circuit” of tests, and DJI assisted with some startup costs.

It did so in the belief that consumers deserve rigorous, evidence-based reviews free from marketing hyperbole. DJI does not have any direct involvement with our editorial process – and does not instruct us on how to review products. No one ever calls and tells us what to do, or pays us directly for a review. We will review all products – regardless of manufacturer – by following the same protocol.

The reviews you read here are conducted by professional journalists, professional drone pilots and reviewers – all of whom are committed to maintain independent editorial excellence.