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We have dedicated drone pilots, each with years of field experience. They will put drones we’re testing through an identical series of challenges – what we call “The Circuit” – ranging from indoor hover time on full battery charge, to maximum speed as measured with a calibrated device. They will test gimbal responsiveness, maximum thrust, an app’s features, user experience – and more. They will also evaluate and score a drone’s “intelligence,” measuring its ability to avoid obstacles, recognize and track objects, integrate with live social-media platforms, and, increasingly, how well it can “learn” to behave a certain way.

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The Digital Circuit
49 Highcroft Road
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M4L 3G3
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The Digital Circuit puts consumer electronics through a rigorous series of tests we call “The Circuit.” The results are tallied and ranked to help guide consumers. Our work is supported by affiliate commissions, which TDC earns when readers purchase products via links on our site. DJI assisted with some initial costs, but has zero editorial control over the site. Please see Disclosure Statement.