The guessing is over: DJI has made not one – but three major announcements in Berlin. They are:

  • A new Mavic Pro “Platinum” Drone
  • A special Obsidian edition of the Phantom 4 Pro in sleek black
  • A new “Sphere” mode to allow the Spark to shoot fisheye panoromas

There had been tons of speculation, but now the wraps are off. Here are the goods:


The new Mavic Pro Platinum: Quieter and longer flights


The P4P Obsidian features a black finish. Lust.


Last year’s launch of the Mavic Pro was a huge success for DJI, once the company got the production issues sorted. So many people wanted the revolutionary foldable drone that supply couldn’t come close to demand for several months. It remains one of the company’s best-selling drones – and is thought to be, for a single model, one of the best selling drones in history.

The original Mavic Pro was one of the most popular drones ever made. The new one is even better

So what could DJI possibly do to improve on that success? Plenty, it turns out.

DJI image shows that noise of the new Mavic Pro Platinum has been reduced substantially

The new model is 60 per cent quieter than the original during takeoff and landing. What’s more, there’s an 11 per cent gain in flight time – meaning you can keep the Platinum aloft for 30 minutes. The classic Mavic Pro body hasn’t changed in shape, but the new model features a platinum-coloured shell.

Like the Platinum look? We do!

The colour is easy enough to figure out. But how did they get the noise down and flight time up? The answer? New electronic speed controllers (ESCs) and freshly designed propellers. (Those $10 props, btw, are compatible with the existing Mavic Pro!)

Newly designed propellers are part of the formula for the new product

The other features that made the original Mavic Pro so great – its rock-solid flight, 4K stabilized camera, 7-kilometre range, intelligent flight modes and obstacle avoidance are all still there.

The new Mavic Pro Platinum, announced August 31 in Berlin

Plus, of course, it will connect wirelessly to the DJI Goggles.

You can find out more about the model – and even order it – right here, for $1099 US. Starts shipping in September.

There is also a Fly More Combo, which comes with an extra battery, spare props, a charging hub and a soft case. That sells for $1399.


Released May 24, the Spark was an immediate hit with many – and especially with drone newbies. Priced at $499, you could control the Spark with hand gestures, have it take selfies while carrying out pre-programmed autonomous flight modes, and carry the small device with you pretty much anywhere.

A new pilot gets to fly the Spark using hand gestures alone at the Toronto media launch. Photo by Scott Simmie/TDC

The new feature introduced today is a Panorama photo feature, which allows the Spark to capture a pano with a fisheye lens effect and immediately share the image to social media. It will be available shortly in the upcoming DJI GO 4 mobile app, as well as the Spark firmware updates.

Of course, there’s been news recently of a major firmware upgrade for the Spark – and it’s loaded with new features. They include some substantial improvements, including:

  • Improved photo image resolution, and a 180• photo shooting mode
  • A new “gesture” to start and stop video recording
  • “Enhanced” QuickShot video features for more cinematic control
  • Complete DJI Goggle integration
  • PalmLaunch improvements to ensure better stability immediately post-takeoff
  • Improved accuracy when using the QuickShot Dronie Mode

“Dronie” – one of multiple pre-programmed selfies the Spark can shoot. The upgraded firmware will tweak such features

You can get more info on the Spark (and even order one), here.


Since 2013, the iconic Phantom series has been (with an exception) largely white. There have been red stripes, silver stripes, gold stripes – and even a special colourful Chinese Lunar New Year edition, but there has never been a Phantom like the Obsidian.

The Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian model – very pro looking

This P4P is black. It’s got the same 1”-type sensor as the awesome P4P, along with front, back and side obstacle avoidance. It’s also packed with all of those amazing intelligent features that really distinguished the P4 and P4P models.

The new P4P Obsidian. Have to say, we’re liking the look of this

It also has a look to it that, like black camera gear, screams “Professional.” (We’re also guessing it might be easier to spot via Visual Line of Sight. White drones against white clouds can sometimes be a little tricky to spot.

Gorgeous. Which model would you sooner be flying?

The Phantom 4 PRO Obsidian is available as a base kit, where you use a tablet or smartphone with the remote, for $1499.

The Phantom 4 Pro + comes with the integrated, daylight-bright screen

The Phantom 4 PRO+ edition, which comes with the super-bright integrated screen that can be easily seen in the light of day, sells for $1799.

“DJI continuously looks for ways to improve its products and introduce new features, many of which are the result of the positive feedback and requests we received from customers around the world,” says Paul Pan, DJI Senior Product Manager.

“Starting with our Osmo Mobile Silver handheld stabilizer, DJI has been expanding its product variations to meet the different lifestyles and needs of consumers. Similarly, we’ve done the same with two of the most iconic DJI drone products, the Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 Pro. The Spark’s newly added ‘Sphere’ mode will also introduce a new way for people to experience the fun of aerial photography.”

If history repeats itself, especially with the Mavic, demand will be high. If you are ordering, please go through the DJI Store using TDC’s affiliate link here. Doing so helps support our website, and doesn’t cost you anything.

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