Editor’s note: It might make us look pretty clever, having this story the same day as the new Mavic Pro Platinum was launched. Truth is, it was just a coincidence. A happy one, but a coincidence nonetheless. We now return you to regular programming:

Nine months ago, I bought my first drone. One month before that I was at the park on the edge of Lake Ontario watching other people fly drones. A gentleman with a thick Russian accent told me: “If you are ever thinking about getting drone, the Mavic Pro is all you’ll ever need.” I had no idea what he was talking about…until I did.

Our happy reviewer/pilot – Evren OZ.

 The Mavic Pro, in my humble & slightly inexperienced opinion, is by far the best drone you can buy for under $1000 US, and for so many good reasons. This review will differ from my others in that I won’t be focussing on the technical specs and intelligent features – there are so many I could write thousands of words about the options you have with this tiny but powerful drone. But there are lots of review like that out there. Instead, I’m going to focus on something more personally important: How the Mavic makes me feel.
I first flew my drone in Costa Rica, on the Pacific Nicoya Coast surrounded by mountains and an ocean unlike any other. I did my due diligence and researched safety – and also watched too many YouTube tutorials to count.
Once I felt confident I wouldn’t destroy my new toy on its maiden voyage, I connected the awesomely intuitive remote control my Mavic came with to my brand new iPhone 7 Plus, and flew it up into that big beautiful blue sky. Watching the footage stream in real-time with a birds-eye view was like seeing land from an airplane for the very first time as a child. Except this time, things were different. On this day, I was the pilot.

Evren’s first trip with his Mavic Pro – Costa Rica

With some experience as an amateur photographer and videographer, I knew I wanted to shoot in 4K at 24FPS, and a shutter speed of 50 with an ISO of 100. Fortunately, I’d purchased a pack of Polar Pro ND filters prior to the trip – and they worked like a charm. The filters allowed me to dial in preferred settings without blowing out the background. I was able to capture the crisp blue of the sky; the turquoise waters and golden shores below. The app and remote displayed everything I needed to know: Distance, altitude, GPS-based location settings, battery life, flight modes and more – all right in front of my eyes.

That’s Evren’s wife, Courtney, shot on the equally lovely beach at Samara, Costa Rica. Image by Evren OZ with DJI Mavic Pro

The stills and videos looked amazing. I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it – how is it that this tiny little camera and gimbal maintain such smoothness and stability, while being buffeted by gusts of wind 100 meters up in the air? It’s beyond smooth, and entirely customizable to your personal preferences. It reminded me of footage shot with expensive cameras from helicopters or planes for National Geographic documentaries – seriously, it looked that good to me. And here I was, on a beach, doing this myself with a phone and a drone that weighs less than one kilogram.
Unreal. And simply breathtaking.
As mentioned above, the Mavic Pro has a host of intelligent features. I won’t be going into those in detail here, but I do want to touch on what they mean to me: Absolute and ever-evolving creative control over a drone that is not only super portable, but outshines any other drone in its class and category. If you’re looking for the money shot, you’re going to get it. (FYI, Active Track and Tripod Mode are my fav intelligent features; Which ones are yours?)
My drone is smart. It knows when and where it took off from, how and when to come back, as well as wind conditions while it’s in the air. It lets me know how much battery life is remaining. And, if I push it further than I ought to, it overrides my daring enthusiasm and saves my drone from falling out of the sky. I like that. In fact, I need that otherwise I’d be watching it fade into the sunset because my ambitions sometimes exceed my common sense.  The batteries (I have three) last for 26 solid minutes each, which gives me over an hour of flight time per collective charge. The Mavic Pro also features forward obstacle avoidance to prevent unwanted crashes (what crashes are wanted?) when you’re focussed on filming. )This feature is disabled in Sport Mode, which allows the Mavic Pro to fly way faster than you would need to.)

The brand new Mavic Pro Platinum, announced August 31, 2017, at the IFA in Berlin. Longer flights, and even quieter than the original!

“Free. Exhilarating. Excitement. Creativity. Happiness.”
These are some of the words come to mind when I think about my Mavic Pro. It really is amazing, and despite never have flown a drone prior to this, in no time I felt like a pro. It’s light, sleek, compact design allows you to put it in a backpack or large coat pocket and you’re good to go.
If you love exploring, capturing remarkably fantastic images or video,the Mavic Pro will literally change your life and allow you to see the world from a whole new perspective. Nature photography, landscape, family vacations, music videos – you name it, this drone does it all. And, with a bit of practice, does it exceedingly well.

Evren loves capturing the world from a new perspective with his Mavic Pro

My rating? Out of 5 possible stars, I’m giving this fine piece of DJI innovation a “6.”
That extra one? It’s for making me feel like a Pro.

Nice job, Evren! By the way, if you missed our story about the *new* Mavic Pro Platinum launch, you can catch it here.