Hey – want to start up a used drone store? What you’ve just seen might be the quickest way to build up your inventory, though we don’t recommend it (and you’d probably get arrested). The video shows a new anti-drone device made by Kalashnikov, the company most famous for its enduring line of robust AK-47 automatic rifles that seem to find their way into nearly every major skirmish around the globe.

The weapon in the video, however, does not fire bullets. Instead, it takes over control of a drone in the air, jamming its GPS and WiFi connections and severing its bind with its remote. In the video, the man holding the “gun” simply brings down the drone by “aiming” it to follow the barrel toward the ground. (We did consider, briefly, that someone could have possibly been controlling the drone remotely, but don’t believe that to be the case.) Plus, there has been a growing demand for devices that can halt drones from heading into areas where they’re not permitted or desired.

No word on what the weapon, called the REX-1, costs. This public demonstration (which was the source for the original video above but contains more footage) took place at the recent International Military-Technical Forum ‘Army 2017’ expo. The initial footage looks the same, but hang in for more detail shots:

And while we’re in a 24 fps frame of mind, we’re going to take you away from the world of drones and into the world of high-performance, remote-controlled gliders. This video, posted by Vimeo user Rainer, shows what a really top-flight pilot can do with one of these machines. We’re not really sure what that one grinding shot was about, but those skills are *incredible*.

With a further variation on the theme, we’ll introduce you to an aerial sport that some – but certainly not all – of you will be familiar with. It’s called “Discus Launch Glider” or DLG for short. It’s super popular in Europe, and gaining traction in North America.

The sport involves using a similar technique to the sport of discus throwing, except you are hurling a super-lightweight, specialized glider. A unique grip on one wingtip is meant for your fingertips. After that, it’s all technique. Top discus pilots can easily catch thermals from a ground launch and keep their aircraft in the sky for extended flights. If you’re really skilled – you can get it flying at an unbelievable speed.

If you’d like to really learn something about this sport, you can check out this longer video featuring David Windestal, who teaches FliteTest’s Josh how to get this aircraft up and flying. If you’re more into speed, then you can go directly to the second video, because…

…it shows a pretty remarkable feat. It’s the world speed record set for a type of gliding called dynamic soaring. Here, the pilot uses great skill – and no small amount of physics – to, as Wikipedia explains it – “gain energy by repeatedly crossing the boundary between air masses of significantly different velocity.”

You’ll see what that means in this video, which was shot in 2014. The pilot has his glider, which weighs 26 pounds or just under 12 kilograms, going into a super high-speed loop. How fast do you think he might get it going? It is, after all, just a glider, right?

Well, watch this. And yes, it’s real:

Can you believe it? 505 mph? That is as fast as a passenger jet, powered by nothing more than aerodynamics, a wind differential, and crazy skills. Wild.

We want one.