As summer begins to wane, we enter a new season: The one where new products get launched. Last year at IFA in Berlin – a massive consumer electronics show – DJI announced the Osmo Mobile. In fact, the company teased that launch with a piece of art that still strikes us as very clever. You’d never guess what the device was – until after its release. Then, it’s pretty clear this was an abstract nod to the Osmo Mobile’s design:

Imagery in the Osmo Mobile teaser offered a slight clue…

A few weeks later the company was in New York, unveiling the hugely successful Mavic Pro. And in mid-November, DJI was at it again in California – announcing the Inspire 2 and Phantom 4 Pro platforms.

That was one busy fall. And DJI doesn’t slow down. Ever.

That’s led to speculation the company will be making another announcement soon, with many eyes looking ahead to IFA 2017, taking place September 1-6. Might there be something on tap there?

Well, we can’t afford tickets to Berlin – as much as we’d love to cover that show. But we thought it couldn’t hurt to do a little detective work. So we checked out the IFA website in detail, looking specifically for any new conferences that might already be scheduled. Often, at shows like this, larger companies hold product announcements a day or two prior to the actual opening of the show proper. This allows them the advantage of cutting through the massive coverage that takes place once the shows are on.

There are two full days of media events before the show opens: August 30 and August 31. Panasonic, Sony, Segway, Garmin, Philips, Toshiba – and many more – have media events locked into the schedule.


Is it there? Planning a news conference?

Yes. Here’s what it says:

Screen grab from the IFA media calendar

And it’s already sent out invitations to the media.

The invitation sent out by DJI Europe to the media

So far, we haven’t seen any artwork floating around that has us guessing. We’ve seen speculation the company will reveal a Phantom 5, but have absolutely no confirmation this is on the agenda. It’s also worth noting that August 31st is the day prior to the September 1st deadline for the Spark firmware upgrade – a hugely important message to ensure Spark owners don’t find their devices grounded the following day.

We reached out to DJI for comment, and heard back from company spokesperson Michael Oldenburg. Here’s what he said:

“We know there is a lot of interest in what might be next from DJI but until then, mum’s the word.”

We’ll keep you posted.