The police force in Arlington Texas has a new perspective to assist with their work: Six new DJI Mavic Pro drones. The force recently purchased the devices, which are far less expensive than some of the drones typically purchased by law enforcement and first responders.

However, in the case of the Arlington police force, the model was a cost-effective option that allowed them to put a half-dozen drones in the air.

The police showed off their new gear on the morning show of the local Fox News affiliate, flying near what appears to be a building used for police training. (We’d like to see the pilot learn to use Tripod Mode for a little smoother video – but not bad!)

The police emphasized the force is strictly following privacy rules, and that the drones will not be used as a device to unjustly spy on people or for chases.

Arlington police said they’ll ensure they obey privacy and FAA laws when deploying their drones

“The FAA specifically prohibits us from using it for surveillance or pursuit missions…we’re very methodical about how we choose to deploy this device,” Lt. Brook Rollins told Fox4.

They’ll be used, he said, only in circumstances where there is reasonable cause.

Drones have become increasingly popular tools for first-responders. They are frequently used in search-and-rescue, aerial photography of accident and crime scenes, and also for investigative purposes – especially in situations that might pose a risk to an officer or rescuer.

“The aviation unit tries to serve the officers from an angle of safety,” said Lt. Rollins.

Arlington is a city of roughly 400,000 people – and, now, about six new police drones.