It’s been pretty much eight months since DJI released its Inspire 2, a tool for aerial video and stills that was a significant leap from its predecessor. It’s smarter, faster (94 kph!), and can capture video in up to 5K resolution to a fast-writing SSD. Given the integration of the image processing/capture right into the I2’s build, you might even argue this is actually DJI’s first true “flying camera” – as opposed to an aerial platform that carries a camera.

When needed the I2 can be a beast; tracking fast-moving vehicles and carrying out impossible shots. And yet, despite all that muscle and brainpower, The I2 can also be handled with moves so subtle they feel like a gentle whisper.

TDC team member Pawel Dwulit has been flying the I2 since it first came out. With the heated batteries, he even braved some very cold winter flights. He’s flown it at flat out racing speeds, even drag-racing against the Inspire Pro (it wasn’t much of a competition).

Ahhhh, memories:

We even did a vertical race, just to check out ascent speed. (For some reason, we never got very many views on the vertical race, which always mystified us. So we’re plunking it down here to give you another chance. Please watch it 10 times.)

Point is, Pawel has really had a chance to get to know the machine in a way you can only after a lot of stick time; enough time so that when we discussed pulling together a video on his favourite Inspire 2 features, it was a no-brainer. (Thankfully, it’s a little warmer now. When we shot the two videos above it was f-f-f-freeeeezing out!)

Anyway, drum roll please – here are Pawel’s Top 10 Features, followed by the video.

  1. Build quality
  2. Obstacle Avoidance
  3. Pilot-view Camera
  4. Solid State Disk
  5. X5s Camera
  6. Intelligent Flight Modes
  7. Full-size HDMI Out
  8. Travel Mode Transition
  9. Intelligent Heated Batteries
  10. Power

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