As shipments of the new Spark drone land in homes and retail outlets globally, manufacturer DJI has made some firmware tweaks to further optimize the flying experience.

As a result, owners of the new Spark should immediately upgrade their firmware before flying.

Oh, we know how it is: You get a new product and you simply want to get the thing into the air. But, as we also know from experience, there’s generally a pretty good payoff when you go ahead and do the recommended firmware upgrades.

In this case, the upgrade is meant to optimize the Spark’s feature set based on early feedback.

“The new firmware provides more flexibility by recognizing the selfie gesture right after launching the aircraft from the palm when most of the pilot’s body appears in the frame,” reads a DJI announcement about the upgrade. “Selfies can still be taken from a longer distance after waving and sending Spark away several feet.”
The new firmware also allows Spark pilots to easily adjust how far Spark will fly in some of its QuickShot intelligent flight modes.

Rocket Mode: From 30′ to 160′


Dronie Mode: Up to a maximum distance of 200′


Helix Mode: Up to 250′

Spark has been a hit since launch, due largely to the intelligent features and social media integration packed into an incredibly small device. The drone can take 12-megapixel photos and shoot stabilized video at 1080p with its two-axis gimbal. What’s more, it can takeoff or land on the palm of a pilot’s hand, and even carry out some special functions (like taking a picture) based on hand gestures alone.

All that…in a body about the size and weight of a soda can.

For anyone new to Spark (which means basically *everyone* who has purchased one!), DJI has made a series of video tutorials to make things even easier. The quick guides also help people learn more about the DJI GO 4 app, how to use the gesture mode and access all of the intelligent features. Be sure to check them out to make the most of your Spark.

Isaac and Scott prepare for some father/son/Spark time

Isaac and Scott prepare for some father/son/Spark time

By the way, we had a lot of fun putting the Spark through its paces with our recent pre-Father’s Day flight. If you haven’t checked out the story and video, you can find them both here.

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