DJI has released a new film to promote the abilities of its newly launched Ronin 2 camera stabilizer, and it’s pretty slick.

The short film outlines the evolution of a young man’s career in the film industry – starting out as an assistant on the set and ending up, several decades later, as a successful director.

The transitions between the sets are seamless, and showcase the multiple abilities of the new Ronin 2, which can carry up to 30 pounds of camera gear and glass. What’s more, the motors and algorithms that control those powerful gimbals can keep the gear stabilized at speeds of up to 75 miles per hour/120 kph. (You’ll note that the Ronin is put through its paces in a fairly demanding car chase.)

The Ronin 2 has a newly designed carbon-fibre monocoque, meaning it has an exceedingly high strength-to-weight ratio. Senior DJI product manager Paul Pan spoke with TDC following the launch, and explained that producing this kind of frame to the tolerances required presented a high-level engineering challenge. (You can read more about the new features here.)

This isn’t the first time DJI has produced a mini Hollywood-style film to help promote the launch of a product. When the Inspire 2 was released last November, it marked the product with The Circle, a film shot entirely with the Inspire 2.

Those of you with eagle eyes will note that Legacy actually *does* have a shot change, around the 3:26 mark. But up until then – it is all one continuous shot.

Wondering how they did that? Well, you can check out a “Behind-The-Scenes” video here:

And that’s pretty cool.