There’s been a lot of buzz in the past year about Virtual Reality. Whether it’s the Oculus Rift headset or the Samsung Gear 360 camera, there’s clearly a growing interest in capturing immersive video.

Samsung Gear 360

But how do you go about doing that? Well, if you’re on a budget – you can look at options like the Ricoh Theta S. It can capture a full “bubble” of live action video and stitch it together, but it’s not up to snuff for a commercial production. You need vastly more expensive gear for that.

Plus, there’s a difference between 360 video and stereo 360 video, something that cameras like the Vuze are built to capture. It’s a big topic, and The Digital Circuit will be tackling it in-depth at some point in the near future. For the moment, however, we thought we’d share this excellent primer on how to choose a camera that’s right for you.